iPad TimeKeeper

  • Workers log into the TimeKeeper iPad App by entering their name, and their assigned PIN. If they are logging in for the first time, the pin will be the last 4 numbers of their Social Security number. The pin can be customized later in the flow.

  • Tap Clock In to start recording time. Every time someone undertakes an action (e.g., clock in, clock out, start lunch, return from lunch, switch project code), the app will snap a photo, and a popup will notify the individual of the event and timestamp.

    • If a group has set up Project Codes, the person clocking in will be asked to enter a project code. You can either type in the number associated with the project code or search for it by name in the search bar.

  • While clocked in, workers can tap Meal Break when they take a break during their shift. If they want to clock out for the day, they can simply tap Clock Out.

    • Time for both clocking in and clocking out is calculated to the second. For example, you may see 5 .98hours instead of 6 for a clock-in/clock-out time period of 8 :00 AM to 2 :00 PM.


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